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1. PT Bar Systems brochure 17.05.29.pdf
Post Tensioning Bar Systems Datasheet_PDS-013_Rev.16_en_compressed.pdf
PT Bar Systems - Rev 14 May 2017.pdf
Post Tensioning Bar Systems Datasheet_PDS-013_Rev.18_en_compressed.pdf
Post Tensioning Bar Systems Datasheet_PDS-013_Rev.17_en_compressed.pdf
Dextra Shear Key Brochure 2017 EN.pdf
Dextra Post Tensioning Bar Systems Datasheet_PDS-013_Rev.15_en.pdf
Dextra Holding Down Bars Brochure 2020 EN.pdf
AutoCAD PTBars.7z
Dextra PT Bars Interactive Brochure 2020 EN
Dextra Shear Key Brochure 2021 EN
Dextra Wind Turbine Brochure 2020 EN
Dextra Holding Down Bars Brochure 2021 EN
Dextra CTB 1080 Interactive Brochure 2022 EN
Dextra Post Tensioning Bar Systems Product Datasheet 2022 EN
AutoCAD PT Bar
Revit PT Bar
Revit 2019
Tekla PT Bar
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