Aug 2021 : Dextra Group Charity Virtual Run & Walk 2021

Dextra Group had launched the first charity virtual run “Dextra Group Virtual Run & Walk 2021 (80 days challenge)” which is also the first employee engagement activity for all affiliates around the world.

The challenge started from April 19th to July 7th with a total of 158 participants from 8 affiliates, including Dextra Asia (Thailand), Dextra Industry & Transport (Thailand), Dextra Manufacturing (Thailand), Dextra Building Products (Guangdong) (China), Dextra Pacific (Hong Kong), Dextra Middle East, Dextra Europe / Dextra Construction UK, and Dextra India.

Every drop of sweat counts! For every 1 km, we will donate US$ 1 to the Chief Minister Relief Fund of Maharashtra state, a non-profit organization to support those in need during the COVID-19 crisis in India. During the 80-day challenge, the total running distance was 18,825 km, which equals to US$ 18,825.

Here are some memorable photos during the activity…

Dextra Charity Virtual 01

Dextra Charity Virtual 02

Dextra Charity Virtual 03

Dextra Charity Virtual 04

Dextra Charity Virtual 04

Dextra Charity Virtual 04

Dextra Charity Virtual 04

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